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The contents of this community and all affiliates are fictional. Names and places, including those based on actual persons, living or dead, are not necessarily reflective to the true nature of the aforementioned person(s). Contents are purely the author's imagination. In other words, don't sue cause it's not real.

There's only four rules. If you don't follow them you will NOT be accepted/remain in the community.

1. When you want to join, scan the taken list and make sure someone doesnt have that name. If you IM me and are like "I want Tony Lovato!!!!" when he's already taken, I will find out where you live and kill you, thanks. After making sure your name isnt already taken fill out this shit and comment on the most recent post in the community made by a mod (which will be all of them, hi.) and put this information in it.
Your name-
The person you want to play-
And any forms of previous RPing that you've done-

I'm not gonna have you make the journal before you apply because I've joined enough RPs to know that making a journal is total waste of time if youre not gonna end up using it. So...Once your accepted you can make a journal.

2- Once you're a member you can't die. Meaning your person can't actually die and that people can't think you've died. You must update your journal at least every two weeks. I wont be very strict on this because I'm lazy, but it would be really cool if you were an active member. Your life isn't that exciting if you're looking to join RPs anyways, is it asshole?

3- Don't be melodramatic. Drama is nice because, hithx, it's an RP. But don't be a loser and make drama with every single person. Then we'll have to kill you. After kicking you out.

4- Don't question our views on punk. We like to pretend mest is punk just like you like to pretend someone wants to have sex with you. If you don't like it, suck my nuts. I don't care.

That's it. Follow those or die.

*Tony Lovato
*Jeremiah Rangel
*Matt Lovato
*Joel Madden
*Pete Wentz
*Adam Lazzara
*Seb WhatTheFuckEver from SP
*Conor Oberst
*Zacky Something from A7.
*Jesse Lacey
*Paul Thomas
*Mark Hoppus
*Benji Madden